MONAT Before & Afters – Real & Untouched!


I was previously told that laser treatment was my only option left and there was no guarantee it would have ANY effect on my thinning hair. 6 months of using Monat and I could not be happier with the results! In the beginning I was using the intense repair shampoo and revitalize conditioner daily, IRT spray 2x a day, and S3 Vitamins. I switched to Black 2 in 1 for my first wash just to change things up and speed up the detox process, but kept intense repair for my 2nd wash and used smoothing conditioner. For the past month I have been doing the 2 in 1 for my first wash, Renew for my 2nd wash, and either the revitalize conditioner or intense repair conditioner to help with my psoriasis flare-ups with the cold weather. This has been my favorite combination. I no longer have to wash daily, but I have always used the intense repair treatment spray twice a day even when I don’t wash my hair. I hope that helps!


Little Monat update for anyone curious! I’ve been using these products exclusively for just under 3 months. These pictures show my hair before Monat and then yesterday. These past three months my hair was soft and smelled good, but I was experiencing detox, and I was afraid that maybe Monat would not work great for me. I knew that the products needed time to remove years and years of product buildup off of and out of my hair and follicles, but I still let doubt creep in. It seemed like I was in detox for much much longer then most people and I never thought that I used THAT many products before that would leave a buildup. My hair had more tangles then I’d ever had before, I was shedding a TON, and it still felt like it needed more hydration, but it looked nice when I styled it, so I powered through. Well my patience is being rewarded! The last two times I’ve washed my hair, there were zero tangles! It was a bit strange as it was almost as if a switch flipped and all of a sudden my hair was completely different. There was no more sticky feeling in the back of my head like all the hairs were clumping together! I had about 4 hairs fall out when I combed my wet hair (versus a typical handful of shed). And after drying, my hair feels like silk. It’s smooth and shiny, and I have never felt anything like it! Even those days when I’ve had it professionally styled at the salon, it has never felt like this! I had a fairly significant trim (a couple of inches) and color in May, and it’s growing really well.
I use the renew shampoo, revitalize conditioner, masque once a week, and the oil and leave in to style. I’ve also been using the shine spray spritzed on my brush.
So in love!


My personal Monat transformation!! I’m about in tears over here. Only week 6! No words… SO happy.😁
💪Today, I decided to give Monat the ultimate challenge.
I have ALWAYS wanted to wear my natural curls, but they had a mind of their own. It was honestly embarrassing when I tried to pull it off. Everyone would be like “uh, did you just roll out of bed?” NO! Lol, thanks for knocking my confidence though! I tried every product.. NOTHING worked, not even a little bit. I gave up & stuck to my heat on heat routine (causing so much damage.)
🌞TODAY is clearly a new day!!! A new me I didn’t know could exist. Thankful for MONAT…. it’s changing my life! SO proud to be a market partner.
💫Feel free to share!!💫

Products used: Renew Shampoo, Revitalize conditioner (I always switch it up since I have them all hah). I dried my hair with a T-shirt after reading normal towels cause friction & frizz on natural curls (weird, but I think it made a difference). Then put 2 pumps of leave-in conditioner, a pea size of our Instant Sculpting taffy, 3 drops of oil & one pump of mousse all in one hand together. Emulsified them between my hands & fingers, flipped my hair upside-down & scrunched up! Then let it air dry!


Holy cow!!! These #Monat results tho 👀😮

➡️LEFT PICTURE: You guys, for 6 MONTHS EVERY TIME I would wash my hair it would just FALL OUT. This pic shows how much hair I would lose literally EVERY TIME. That doesn’t even include brushing, styling, or just falling out during the day. I was in tears whenever I had to wash it and none of my doctors had a reason for the severe shedding!

➡️RIGHT PICTURE: Such a drastic improvement! Now I’m actually EXCITED to wash it!

➡️PRODUCTS USED: IRT system & conditioner. Just switched to Hydration system w/ continued use of IRT spray


Six weeks! I used Renew shampoo, smoothing conditioner, the mask once a week. I’m over 40 and my hair looks and feels young again ❤


Eight month progress picture 🙌🏻 I had horrible postpartum hair loss that I was bald in some areas a (as you can tell!)

I use just about every product because I’m obsessed with all of it lol but I always do my first wash with the IRT shampoo and always use the IRT spray.


 My personal 90 day results! Thick, heavy, frizzy hair! Now Smooth and so much healthier!
-I use the black my first shampoo and the renew my second shampoo (let it sit for two minutes) and then use the smoothing conditioner. -I use the masque about once a month since now I can go 4 days without washing my hair!
– I always use 2 pumps of leave-in for extra moisture
– two pumps of rejuvabeads – blowout cream
– because all of the build up is gone, my hair feels lighter and will actually hold a wave/curl
-also look at the growth, I had a cut and highlight too!


This month marks 6 months that I’ve been using Monat. I originally started Monat for my postpartum hair loss but it cleared up so many more hair issues for me as well. Before my hair was coarse, frizzy, thick, I had tons of breakage and split ends. Now my hair is soft, shiny, it’s grown a ton I actually go in every 6 weeks for a trim. I will never let anything else ever touch my hair again! I started with the Balance System and still use it in combination with the Let it Grow System + Revitalize and of course the oil🙌🏼


8 weeks of strictly Monat and I’m in AWWW!!! •S3 supplement
•Alternate between the Volume System and the Hydration System
Rejuvabeads •Once dry, I finish with a tiny bit of Rejuvenique (also while using it to moisture my hands)


Finally made it to my 90 days! It has been tough because my hair has grown like crazy!! I use Rejuveniqe oil, IRT shampoo, replenish masque every 4th wash, deep smoothing conditioner and Rejuvebeads. My mind is blown with how fast this happens!


So I wanted to share my daughters results since starting the MONAT hair care line. Due to the chemicals used to relax her curls and the overuse of heat tools for cheer, pageants and being a preteen, well her hair is a hot mess! It’s dry, damaged, the curl pattern is jacked up from the chemicals and she has a lot of breakage in the front, sides and underneath part of her hair. The first picture on the left was September 2 before she got into the pool. The middle picture was our last wash with our old salon products. The picture on the right is after three washes with Monat products. The hair loss pictures, the first one was before we started Monat. The next two are after the first two washes with Monat. We are losing far less hair, her hair is so much softer, more hydrated and her curl pattern looks better. We have a long ways to go but I’m just so impressed with this product line. I’m anxious to see the new growth when it starts to come in. Renew, Smoothing deep conditioner, leave in conditioner with oil mixed in and sometimes a little curl cream. We have done the masque as well.💕


Today was the biggest hair challenge I’ve had in years! This young lady had to spend 2 1/2 weeks in a hospital bed, not able to shampoo or brush her hair.
We spent 2 hours of detangling her matted hair, followed by a reconditioning treatment with the MONAT Balance line, then full highlights followed with another reconditioning. Finally an application of 20 inch 5 tone extensions! 6 hours of work and damn you look amazing!! 💃🎉. I love my job! I have never found a hair care line that provides such incredible results! Miracle of MONAT!!!


I’m so excited! These Products continue to amaze me. My daughter usually has frizzy hair but today I used our blowout cream and the texture is something I just cannot explain. I’m loving MONAT!💕


Our Wine and Wash proved, yet again… why 🌀Monat is Simply the Best!
Used the Volume Line & Rejvuabeads 😻💕


I experienced some pretty rough hair loss starting at 3 months postpartum.
Within a couple months I wasn’t leaving my house, showering or anything because my hair was falling out at any contact and I knew it was really really bad.
The initial balding pics were taken mid May 2017. Not only was it the temples but the front hairline looked so thin, an inch deep that there was a distinct line you could see it had fallen out to.
I tried all the advice from my doctor, my naturopath to my acupuncturist and more. Nothing worked. I was at my wits end and so upset until a new friend recommended Monat. I was extremely skeptical thinking it was a pyramid scheme but I had nothing to lose. Nervous that I’d see results like others I used the Balance system and the IRT spray. I’m now happy to be driven bonkers with all of the new growth !!!! I literally have bangs now because of all the new hair coming in!!!!!


I am literally in awe of this before and after!! This is my neighbor and friend who has been dying to try Monat, so I invited her over for a mini wine and wash!
She describes her hair as “ethnic, coarse, dry and thick” and she only washes once a week. Her hair has a lot of damage and split ends.


During these two months I have used Monat S3 supplements, Monat black shampoo, Revive shampoo, and revitalize conditioner along with Monat styling products.
Those who know me know my hair grows so slow. These past two months I have noticed faster growth than normal and even new growth! My hair has never been healthier or shinier. Rejuvabeads mends my split ends so I can go months without needing a cut!”


This is my hair after just one wash with Monat. The before pic is 1 day after I was at the salon and had root touchup, highlights AND a deep conditioning treatment! No mousse, hairspray or the like was put into my hair.
The after I had no mousse, hairspray or the like. I only had 1 drop of the oil on my hair. Btw, my hair would never have held curl without hairspray. “Pic 3 is day 2. All I did was brush my hair!


“Left>August. Right>today. I’m just going to start off saying my detox was kind of rough. I had been religiously using Pureology shampoo and conditioner following with it’s a ten leave in conditioner before I started Monat. I thought I was using some high quality stuff…I WAS SO WRONG! During my detox I made the choice to cut two inches off of my hair. So my length hadn’t changed and I began to feel discouraged. Then… I compared my before and after! If you look closely you can see a brown patch in my hair on the left side of my head. Look how much father down it is from the right!!! MY HAIR HAS GROWN! 😍During my detox I used the black 2 in 1 and followed with the masque. Also religiously, I use the leave-in conditioner and rejuvenated beads ❤️Once you go Monat, you never go back.


45 days of IRT use and I’m loving it. As a weight loss surgery patient who started losing hair very rapidly and had zero hope of regrowth and being skeptical to try anything I’m amazed and blessed how these products work. I’m seeing lots of regrowth (as my stylist is too), healthier hair, and much softer. I will be switching over to the Balance system now and super excited!!! Thanks Monat for helping me find products that truly work and are phenomenal and talking me into using the products!!!


Here are my 90 day results with Monat. Ive struggled with Alopecia for close to 20 years now. I am thrilled with my results. I did go through detox and it was really stringy (which you can see in the photos) but now my hair is so soft and healthy😀 I don’t lose any hair in the shower and the growth has been tremendous. I can not believe this is my hair 💁🏼

3 month growth! ?
Here’s my testimony over the past 3 months using Monat!
Overall my hair feels more lively and healthy.
I normally wouldn’t wear my hair smooth before I used Monat because I always found it looked too flat. But since I’ve been using the line, it feels more full.
I also find it doesn’t get nearly as oily during my “off” days. And as my scalp goes… I did go through a period of detox since I do get a dry scalp. (Mild psoriasis) . I went thru a period of having a really itchy scalp, it didn’t last long (thank god) I just kept on washing and hoping for the best and it was worth it! It’s been MUCH better. I’ve been finding Monat has been helping it from getting a lot of inflammation.
As for growth…I haven’t had a haircut since June. (I do need one and as a hairstylist I do recommend at least getting trims… I’ll blame the kids for giving me time for that ?)
I wasn’t planning on growing my hair out but after seeing these before and afters I just might just for shits and giggles?


My 90 day MONAT transformation. ? Jaw is on the floor.

No, I have not colored my hair.

Yes, this is my natural color


LEFT is before i started MONAT, TOP RIGHT is 2 weeks after starting MONAT and BOTTOM RIGHT is today, my 7 week results!!! Couldn’t be more happy with how MONAT is helping my androgenic alopecia! ?❤️? EDIT: I am using the IRT shampoo, black 2in1 shampoo & conditioner, revitalize conditioner, IRT spray, root lifting spray and of course the rejuviniqe oil!! I wash my hair every 1-3 days


March 23 to now, Thank you Monat, I actually have hair again! I started out using the IRT shampoo, conditioner and spray, and the S3 vitamins. Then switched to the Volume system, once I ran out of the IRT system. So 6 1/2 months using Monat products!!!


My personal results. Platinum blonde now!! I use Monat black for both washes each time I shower. The day of my highlight appointment I wash with the black really good to get the most clarification. At the appointment my stylist added the oil to the bleach for maximum results. I use the masque 2-3 times a month as need.


Okay y’all here is my Alopecia Areata update with using all these Monat products for three months now 🙌🏻😍😊I now have alfalfa sprouting out 🙌🏻these products are amazing for your overall hair and for anyone who wants to grow there hair more pics coming soon my hair has grown two inches in three months 😍and is in such better condition!


My daughter wakes up with some crazy and super tangled hair!! All I did was spritz her with a bit of water and detangler from the Monat Junior line! The second pic is after we had been outside for at least an hour on a nature walk in the humidity!

hair loss

As someone who has suffered with hair loss since I was a teenager due to health reasons, I KNOW the struggle, pain and anxiety it causes. If you have never dealt with it then you have NO idea. It’s isolating, depressing, and at times it can ruin even the most special moments of life. Especially for a young woman.

So with that being said I am so happy to show my customers 2 WEEK results using the MONAT Let It Grow system! She has hypothyroidism and it causes her hair to fall out and not grow quickly at all. Her color is even more vibrant and her hair is shiny! No color has been applied! I couldn’t even believe it when she showed me! I asked for another picture to make sure! 😂🙌🏻 Seriously so awesome and I can’t wait for this to just get better and better for her !!!


So I tried out the IRT system over the summer, and my results were so-so. After keeping up with this page, I decided to give something else a try, and I’m blown away this time! In just 2 weeks, my blonde has gotten lighter and less yellow, I’ve gotten some length, and I even have some natural body, which hasn’t happened since I was pregnant with my daughter 8 years ago.

I’ve been using Black for both shampoos, Revitalize conditioner, and IRT spray (morning and night with the spray). This is the difference between December 1 and today (December 14). Same place, same lighting, both right after washing and drying my hair.

(My hair is naturally blonde, but I do highlight. Haven’t had any coloring done since mid-October. It has always been fine, but it’s thinned out a lot since having my kids).


Y’all, come on my hair journey with me!! WOW what a year! Please bear with me, this may take a minute. Seeing these pictures side by side makes me a little emotional and fills my heart with gratitude!

In the picture labeled “Before Monat” I was a wreck! I probably had a breakdown that morning, like most mornings, because my hair was lifeless, breaking off, yellow tinged, covered in buildup, whispy and would not hold curl! It was also falling out in literal CLUMPS every day from crazy hormones of having baby, breastfeeding for over a year and birth control side effects! OH and I had to wash it everyday… I dreaded getting in the shower to wash my hair because I knew my outcome. It sounds pretty pitiful and maybe a little vain but this affected me BIG and it was detrimental to my confidence which affected every area of my life negatively.

Although I had a rough adjustment period or “detox” because of all the product buildup and damage my hair needed some deep, deep healing. With only the sample—which gave me 3 washes— it gave me HOPE. It was not by any means healed, but the blonde color was less yellow and I went from 2 handfuls of hair to one! Thank you, Jesus! I made the choice to give it the FULL three months and what a difference in that time! It actually felt healthy, new hair was coming in and I could wash every other day and didn’t “dread” washing my hair!!

Six months in, it felt even more thick, shiny and more manageable! This had been a couple days since I had washed and curled and it actually stayed!!! I truly started loving my hair by this point!

After a year, I have to say I truly don’t recognize myself. I have a full head of healthy, long beautiful hair—the best I’ve had in my life! Not only that this is SIX days without washing?!? Never in my life have I been able to do that and I loved day 6 hair just as much as wash day! More than that. I H A V E real •CONFIDENCE• and not just in my hair but in myself, to my core I am happier and more grateful than ever before in EVERY area of my life.

That’s what the power of washing my hair with this shampoo, surrounding myself with incredible people who want to grow themselves while lifting me up daily and working on my own heart and mind through personal development did for me. I wouldn’t change a thing and I’m even more fulfilled watching and guiding others through their own journey and personal struggles.


For anyone who has been curious if Monat will always strip color out of the hair. Here is your answer.

No it will not. I received my Monat about 3 weeks before an appointment with my stylist. 3 weeks was not enough time to rid my hair of all the product build up. She did my hair, it looked fabulous as always but after washing my hair the next day, my color was almost completely gone. I knew I should have waited longer.

Fast forward to today, I got my hair done on Wednesday. I’ve washed my hair twice now. I use Black and IRT. My color has never been this bold, vibrant, bright, and SILVER. Like genuinely silver and not just gray. Monat has helped my color bond to my hair shaft(correct me if I’m wrong DeVerne) allowing it to actually penetrate the layers of my strands. I have never been more excited about my hair color. Trust me, I was already excited about my hair color before but now, it’s like I want to show my hair off to the world!

So Monat does exactly what it says it will do. If you are experiencing the color stripping, continue using Monat and strictly Monat only on your hair for at least a month to a month and a half before getting your next color! I promise you will fall in love with your hair all over again after it’s done!!!!

PS. my hair has also never been this full and thick before. my stylist was utterly impressed with the integrity and fullness of my hair when she saw it! We use the oil in the bleach and color when we mix it as well!


Monat has COMPLETELY changed my hair! Here is what I noticed while using monat!

* Hair Growth
* Volume
* it’s SO shiny 
* so much more manageable
* holds a curl better and curls last longer
* I don’t have to use high heat settings while styling
* I notice less hair fallout
* my hair feels SO light
* my scalp feels healthier ( no longer have dandruff, red scalp)
* I no longer have split ends
* my texture has changed

Did all this happen overnight… NO! When you use Monat you have to be patient. I went through a bad detox. My hair felt awful, but that just showed me that the products were working!! It removed all the buildup I had in my hair all those years of using cheap shampoos and styling products! Now, detox is over 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 my hair has NEVER felt this healthy! If you experience detox just know that it’s well worth the wait!! Let your hair and scalp have time to heal and restore!

Do all people experience detox… NO! I did bc of the products I was using. Most Shampoos have silicones and wax and leaves build up in your hair. That’s why some may experience hair loss, frizziness, dull, lifeless hair. Monat brings your hair back to life and if you stick it out you will have the best hair you’ve ever had!!! You may be lucky though and not have to experience detox. Here is a pic when I went through detox. This is just blow dried but you can see how it doesn’t look as healthy as it does now!! This is PROOF that Monat works and I have the hair I’ve always wanted bc of Monat!


Before and after Monat😳
Almost 4 months of exclusive Monat use!💖
Hydration system, occasional Black 2 in 1 wash, and Rejuveniqe oil!💖💕💖



I started using #Monat in July of last year.
I have used NOTHING else since.
7 months of faithful use of the products… Revive Shampoo, Smoothing Deep Conditioner and Rejuvenique Oil are my staples. 
I wear extensions and even using some of the most expensive products on the market made my extensions look dull after 3-4 months of wear.
My hair dresser LOVES the products.
My hair has never been softer, felt cleaner (I don’t have to wash my hair as much preserving my extensions for much longer) and looked healthier.

I have new growth where my hair was thinning in the front. Not to mention it smells AMAZING.

I will not use any other products on my hair (I was using Oribe before Monat).