To me there is nothing more exciting than coming across an opportunity to help someone else. I get to experience this every single day, as a wife and a mother to an incredible baby boy, but I am always looking for more. My name is Amber Alrifai, and I’m a Consultant with Monat Global.

At Monat, I have found fulfillment of all my passions. This is a company that truly cares about its clients, a fact that constantly shines through in their commitment to top-quality products that actually work. If you have experienced any type of hair issues, from thinning to something more serious, or have beautiful, healthy hair and want to sustain your locks, Monat can help you. I myself suffered from postpartum hair loss after giving birth to my son, and I know the anxiety and stress that are a part of this problem. Monat changed my life for the better, making it possible for me to reclaim my hair, and I want to show you how Monat can do the same for you.

The naturally-based, anti-aging hair care line that Monat offers is unlike anything else you will find on the market. Once you try it for yourself, you will be amazed at what is in fact possible. Do not count yourself out: no matter how severe your hair issues may be, this could be the beginning of the rest of your life. Let me help you!