Does Only MOM Tune Into Your Facebook Lives?


Are you getting amazing engagement on your Facebook LIVE videos?

Or is it the same few people every time? Thanks mom and cousin Betty LOL

Are you ready to 10x the number of likes, shares, and comments on your Facebook LIVES?

If you’re wondering how to make the Facebook algorithm work for YOU, this blog post is going to transform your presence on Facebook.

Here are 2 simple yet highly effective strategies to help you easily double or triple the amount of visibility you get on Facebook.  This will give you more likes, more shares, and more comments!

Tip #1

About 10 minutes before you post or go live, start actively engaging with people on Facebook.

Comment on others’ statuses, like pictures, and watch their videos.  When you go live, I guarantee you will have the most amount of people on your live that you’ve ever had.

Here’s why this works:

Relationships are one of the most important parts of the algorithm for Facebook.

If you have interacted with people on Facebook in the past- especially if they have responded back to you- Facebook looks at that as a very strong connection and assume you have a great relationship!  That you would definitely be interested in what is going on in each other’s lives!

The algorithm also generally favors people who are active members of the entire Facebook community.

If you hop on 5-10 minutes before you go live, you are basically warming up the algorithm.  You’re starting to work it in your favor. Facebook notices that you’re being more active, so they start giving you more emphasis in the algorithm!

This is so simple, and super effective!!!

Tip #2

Focus on early engagement!

Early engagement can be defined as liking, sharing, replying, and commenting back to people who engaged with your LIVE during the first 15 minutes after your LIVE begins..

This is only with the timeline- not inside of Facebook groups.

Facebook will test out your post and send it to a small group of people. Based on how much engagement your post gets, the algorithm will determine how many more people they’re going to push it out to.

If you get early engagement, it will dramatically influence the reach and visibility of your post to others.

Here’s how you boost early engagement:

1. If you do a live video, you can have comments coming in during your post. The comments on live will count toward your early engagement.

2. Try to interact and ask questions during your live to get more comments.

3. Immediately after your live video, get into the comments section.  Every single person that comments, respond back to them.

4. If someone makes a comment, you can comment back to them and get them to respond to you.  Don’t just leave a one-word response- ask them a question back that will get them to respond.

The goal is to start having conversations in your comments.  I would rather have 100 comments than 500 likes on a post, even if the comments section becomes annoyingly long, because Facebook weighs comments better in the algorithm.

Think about it like this.  If I can get you to respond back to me in my comments, and we’re having a conversation, Facebook sees that and immediately thinks we are friends.  We have a relationship and now because of Facebook’s value on relationships, you’re going to see all of my posts in the future.

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