How Social Media Saved Me


People ask me all the time how I have become a Market Mentor in 6 months with Monat, how I have gained over 10K Instagram followers in less than 6 months, over 11K on Facebook, how I was able to reach out and sign up over 16 Market Partners in the United Kingdom the first month we launched without getting on a plane.

Amber, how do you constantly generate leads?

Amber, how do you get sales?

Amber, how did you achieve the #2 sponsor award in Canada?

Guys lets set one thing straight. No, I don’t have “connections” and I didn’t have a “following” prior to my Monat business. Actually, if I am being totally honest, I didn’t have an Instagram account before this business and knew nothing about social media!

What I did know was the opportunity and the doors that Monat could open for me. I was so excited when I joined, I remember it like it was yesterday! I was on maternity leave and could barely afford our rent. My husband was the sole income provider while I left my $80K/year job to be home with our son. For those who follow my journey know he took nearly 5 years and a costly round of IVF so no there was no way in hell I was leaving him to go back to my office!

The day I joined I got my cousin on-board and we became running buddies, she took off and her business flourished, meanwhile, I was struggling to get a second person to join my team and everyone I spoke to were already using or trying the products. Needless to say my excitement for the business was short lived.

Lets quickly rewind about 10 months prior when my sister first approached me about this business, I was in my pregnancy bubble and wasn’t about to entertain her business venture. Then I went back home for her “Cadillac” party, I mean I haven’t heard of Network Marketers get a car since Mary Kay in the early 90’s! Yet there I was, watching her get handed those keys, the trip to Maui, Las Vegas, oh and a few bonus cheques of $10,000 then $25,000 WTF??? It was an eye opener for me, I thought, she is no sales person, she has no “connections” shes just straight up passionate I mean this girl wouldn’t shut up about Monat, if I had a dollar for every time that word came out of her mouth I wouldn’t be working lol.

OK so let’s get back to my journey! Yup, my sister is a Senior Executive Director, Founder and top Income Earner which I am so happy for her achievements, but what she did along her journey to success was completely exhaust my market!! I mean she had my mom as a VIP, heck I think my dad was even a Market Partner LOL. Every aunt, uncle, cousin, high school friend, she got to them all! I remember sitting down with my husband and him saying you’ve got 6 months to start earning money with this company or we cant afford for you not to go back to work. He wasn’t asking for 6 figures or anything crazy, just enough to contribute to the bills!

So I started researching, my first step was to start a FB business page, I spent about 5-6 months building social proof, and building myself a brand, a page that people could trust and want to buy from. Then with a lot of trial, error, and lots not forget the money! I built up that page, learned how to run ad campaigns, grow my following all while keeping up with content and providing ongoing value to my followers. It wasn’t long before I quickly realized if I was going to get anywhere in this business I needed to reach the cold market.

I have built my entire business through social media but it didn’t happen overnight. Just like any job, it was a huge learning curve. Luckily the social media stuff sparked a huge interest in my husbands eyes (being the Software Engineer, or “nerd” that he is), this business quickly became a husband and wife on a mission! He became so passionate about the back-end of things he became social media certified. I don’t want to say he’s the brains behind our business because we definitely compliment each others skill set, but he’s definitely the muscle! Once we felt our FB page was going strong we switched to Instagram, another platform meant a whole bunch more books to read! We learned the true meaning, opportunity and influence that Instagram holds. See, many people just use it as another place to post pics or silicate your business just hoping for someone to reach out and buy from you. But Instagram is so much more than that, and if you respect it and utilize it to its true potential your business can truly flourish.

Over these past few months my husband and I have been helping my team as well as other Market Partners, including Senior Executive Directors in expanding their business through social media, helping them gain targeted followers, generate strong leads, provide valuable content, training and so much more. But not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask, Amber why would you help other Market Partners? Especially if their not on your team? The answer is, there is enough to go around in this huge world for everyone. I am also a strong believer in the Law of Attraction and what goes around comes back to you. I love growing my team and working my Monat business but my husband and I share a passion for helping others achieve the success I did through social media. As a mom, there is nothing more special than having that freedom and flexibility to be home with him, and with another on the way I am on a mission to help others achieve their goals or at least better themselves in their business. My biggest piece of advise I can give is to utilize social media platforms for your business, the world is massive and the opportunities are endless so take advantage!



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