Are You Feeding Your Hair???

salmon.jpgWell I am no dietitian or nutritionist, just a girl who loves healthy hair and will go miles to get it and share the tips, tricks and hacks with the world! Working with thousands of women who suffer from hair loss, dry/brittle hair and more, has made me so passionate to want to help them improve their hair and their confidence. And while I have an incredible, natural product line to offer, healthy hair must start with a healthy you. So what are you feeding your hair these days?

The key lies in eating the right things. There are 5 super-foods that give you all the nutrients you need to keep your hair healthy from inside out and will help those primo products give you the results you’re trying to achieve.


Avocados really have all the right stuff. If you love eating them, go for that guacamole (just go easy on the chips!) because avocados have loads of fatty acids, monounsaturated fats (that’s the good kind of fat), and vitamin E, all great for keeping hair (and skin too) looking supple, smooth, and sublime.

Whole grains

Your body needs good carbs to stay energized. Pairing it with a proper fat, like avocados for example, is a great way to keep hair healthy with natural levels of silica and zinc that keep hair from falling out and clogging your drain or breaking off and looking damaged. Choose pure whole grains for bread and pasta. Prefer rice? Go for brown, and use steel-cut oats as a breakfast staple to keep your heart and hair health in check. Avocado toast on wheat, anyone?


Eggs once had the worst reputation in the food world, but that’s all old news now. They’re a rich source of protein and biotin, a type of B-vitamin that delivers proven healthier hair growth. Eggs help your hair grow in faster, longer, and stronger, so get crackin’ and start your morning off with one for breakfast!


The vitamin D, calcium, and the natural probiotics that it contains make yogurt a winner for optimum hair health. Don’t choose those sugary varieties though. Go for organic Greek yogurt. If you want a fruitier flavor, you’re better off adding in your own bits of fresh fruit to cut down on the sugar.

Fatty fish

Fish like salmon, mackerel, and oysters all have a rich omega-3 fatty acid content that your body not only loves but also needs. Additionally, they contain zinc which is essential for healthy hair, giving it that glorious sheen. Not a fan of fish? You can take it in supplement form, or snack on more walnuts, almonds and cashews to get that extra bit of zinc.

Eating right really plays a role in how we look as well as how we feel. If you want to be your most beautiful on the outside, you’ve got to nourish your insides with the right stuff for optimum hair health that will have you making less effort in front of the mirror every day.

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