Ever wonder how that mom has it together all the time? The mom with the perfect outfits on Instagram, the perfect hair at the park, perfectly placed makeup at the morning playgroup? Pre-baby, I was in the corporate world, always dressed to impressed, had all the time in the world to shop, pick out outfits, and look my best each day. Post-baby, I would be lucky to shower and have clothes that weren’t covered in breast-milk! 5B9A0275

Since having my son and deciding to stay home with him was definitely a change, but something I am forever grateful for! Getting into Network Marketing and becoming a “Mamapreneur” is not something I thought in a million years I would be doing, but WOW, I wouldn’t change it for the world! Am I busy? Hell ya! Is the house more often upside down than clean? Hell ya! But would I give up my afternoons at the park, morning visits to the zoo and just hangin out with my little man all day? Absolutely not.

What I have learned in my 2 years of being a “WAHM” is to take time for yourself, find the time to shower! lol! You busy moms out there know what I mean! Taking the extra 30 min in the morning to put myself together just makes me feel great all day.  In my field of Hair care, how can I talk to another mom about what I do if I look exhausted and my hair is in a 3 day mom bun?? She would most likely think “hey whatever the hell that mom does I want no part of it” lol.

So to all the moms out there, there is no secret! She doesn’t have her shit together any more than you do, she just takes the time for herself, the time that the majority of us moms are forever guilty of not giving to ourselves. Since deciding to give myself that time, I feel so much better during the day, I am happier, more productive, I have more energy, and as an added bonus, I am always ready for a selfie!

To all the Mampreneurs, I commend you for taking on the multiple roles it entails.

“Love yourself & the day that’s given to you”

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