Together we will give our LOVE & with that…She will be forever GRATEFUL

meI have to apologize for my tardiness as last month was just a world win of events. Life can throw you for a loop with just a phone call, and everything you have worked towards can be taken just like that. But first lets remind to why my team has been on a high for nearly 30 days straight! And boy did it pay off. 13 rank advancements, 29 new Market Partners, 12 new reps from the United Kingdom that took opportunity in the EU Founder shares, and that barely begins to scratch the surface!

I have always “loved” on my team, but these past few months I have focused on each and every one of them and with that, they flourished. We have come together like a true sisterhood, you know the kind that gets listed among the “perks” when joining a team or business but you often never get to experience it? Well let me tell you, we all experienced it. The team was so dedicated and motivated and really proved their passion for their business, heck I even used my famous wheel spin and gave away 2 laptops as an incentive for my Rockstars.

Some of you might say, settle down it’s just network marketing, but for me, it’s so much more than that. You see, I have always wanted to be in the profession of helping people, I planned to become a nurse but for some reason I could never explain, I chose commerce. People who know me often relate me to my grandmother, I know she’s looking down smiling that my dream of becoming a mom came true. She was the most caring and giving person I knew. Where am I going with this you might ask? I feel like I won the lottery with my team, their absolutely incredible (I don’t mean their the top sales and top recruiters who are making this business a breeze) not at all, their just genuine, their passionate, their supportive, and last month seeing them all come together and pushing and motivating each other, it gave me a whole new sense of why this business means so much to me. Being part of so many rank advancements, I began to reach out to each asking what they will do with their bonuses, what “success” really means to them. For some, it’s having a roof over their families head and food on the table, for others it was even bigger than that. It made me want to keep this going for them, I have made it my mission to bring as many women to the top, make them financially free, but even more importantly. make them a better version of themselves.

And while we can all be on that high and excitement for what the new month brings, life happens. And this morning I was given some over baring news. One of my “rockstars” one of our “sisters” one of the most incredible people I get to do this business with each day was in an accident. I got a call from her little sister telling me she was hit head on (on her motorcycle). I can’t even began to tell you the emotions and thoughts that went on in my head. As of now, she is in induced coma with many broken bones/fractures and I don’t even know what else, the rest was just a blur. I hung up the phone and thought, what do I tell the team? The girls on her team? I know this is just a business and her life is on the line, so what can I really do to help her? To help her family? I started scrolling through her FB news-feed to check out her most recent posts until the screen became so blurry from my tears I could no longer see the content. I left the coffee shop and wondered the streets before I went live giving the team the sad news.

Then it hit me, this isn’t just a business, not to me, not to our team, and certainly not to her. Her FB page was filled with posts of her family and of her love for this business, when I first met her, she was shy and quiet, we did our first live video together, me in the corner of her screen and her sitting on the edge of her bed with all her products, looking down reading the script she had printed off. But now, just a few months into her business shes a whole new person, I see someone who’s confident, loving themselves, and loving what they get to share.

So as hard as this time is for me, this is a time for me to show strength, not weakness. To give greatness, not sadness. I need to do this for her, for her family, and for our team. So this month I am working two businesses, hers and mine. She double ranked last month and qualified for a trip to Bahamas, I will make sure she only gets further ahead,  as she lays in that hospital bed I tell myself to wipe the tears away, and do this for her, do it for her two little boys that I know are the reason she does it.

Each month my husband and I come up with 2 words to use daily in affirmations and share with the team, this month we chose “Grateful” & “Love” so with that I gave my team a new incentive for May, for every $$$ in sales our team makes I would personally contribute $ to her personal business to ensure she grows, as most of you can relate, the business of an entrepreneur only works when the entrepreneur is working. It’s only the beginning of a new month and while I could sit and let the tears run down my face, I chose to be strong, and with that, she to will come out a stronger person, a fighter, and someone who will never give up. I will leave you with this quote I found on one of her most recent posts….“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison

Please keep her in your prayers.

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