Out with The Dry & In with The R3?

They did it again! Just when I thought there was a system for every hair type, Monat surprises us with what I like to call “a new hair cocktail.” We’ve always had a great Hydration system for those with really dry, over processed, unruly hair. But I often found myself recommending the Rejuvabeads as an “add on” because the majority of my clients with this hair type would also have breakage, split ends, you know what I’m talking about…The kind of hair that gets shorter between salon visits rather than longer! Renew__Restore__Repair_System_NEW

I am so excited for my clients with this new R3 System because the Rejuvabeads are included! You still get the incredible, gentle, color safe Renew Shampoo (that also works well for psoriasis, eczema, scalp inflammation and more!) It’s paired with our Restore Leave In conditioner which is actually really light weight, so if you have this type of hair but its also pretty thin, this won’t be too heavy on your hair either. And of course, my favorite…the Rejuvabeads. There is nothing like them on the Market, they seal split ends and micro damage instantly from root to tip, I am serious you guys, no need for trims every 6-8 weeks because once you put this on your ends you can say goodbye to all those frayed pieces!

I love sharing testimonies whether my clients reach out personally or I see some crazy results on the Monat hair testimonies page on FB, it never seizes to amaze me! R3Can I call it Magic Shampoo??? I sometimes catch myself referring to it as just that but can you really blame me?

If you can relate to this gal then reach out to me! I also love that this shampoo is super gentle on color, with our Crodasorb UV absorber, our shampoo will actually help preserve natural and synthetic color all while absorbing UVA & UVB light, protecting the hair from sun damage. What??? Did I get that right??? It’s like sunscreen for your hair! Yup! Just another reason to be “Out with The Dry & In with The R3” 

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