A Day to Remember

So today Zayden turned 2! April 10th, 2016 he came into this world and filled each and every day with love, laughs and tons of surprises. And like every mom says…Where did the time go??? Time sure fly’s when your having this much fun! I was doing the math and Zayden has been on more than a dozen trips in his 24 months in this world, everywhere from Dubai to Las Vegas to Florida and more! oneToday I took some time to sit and think about just how lucky our little family really is. I don’t mean lucky to see places, lucky to stay home with you kind of lucky. I mean, lucky to have our health and each other, not a day goes by that I don’t feel truly blessed for my little family. He has had a pretty awesome year since his first birthday, and while I plan for 8 two year old’s to arrive on Sunday along with probably a dozen hungry parents lol I started thinking, sure this is Zayden’s birthday, but, this is also a pretty big day for me! Sorry kiddo but this mama needs to celebrate HERSELF!

In Canada we get one year of maternity leave, my last day of work was on Friday, and Zayden was born Sunday morning. So this time last year I would have been back to the corporate world of 50 hours a week, plus the constant texts and emails that didn’t stop well into the night. Zayden would be hangin out in a toddler room 10 hours a day, and, well, life would just happen.

5But instead, today I am celebrating 1 year since my maternity leave ended, and so did my corporate grind! I have spent much of my day feeling so grateful and beyond proud for what I have accomplished. I joined my Monat business with hopes to cover themortgage payment and stay home with Zayden, and well I have been able to do much more than that financially, what I really take pride in is all the other lives I have been able to impact. I have watched girls on my team qualify for trips, earn thousands of dollars in bonuses, and quite a few are on their way to earning a brand new Cadillac in these upcoming months! Let’s not forget the thousands of women and men that I have helped get their confidence back, feel pretty again, and have healthy beautiful hair.

I want to take this time to thank all my followers, readers, clients, and business partners, without you I would be back to that corporate grind, and without you Zayden wouldn’t get to hang out with mommy all day!


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