Thanks Mom…

I was thinking about what I wanted to Blog about today, there has been so much exciting things happening with Monat these past few weeks from new systems launching to a new product announcement, to my team double and triple ranking! And while the “healthy hair revolution” as they like to call it, has been lighting up the US and Canada, something really incredible has happened. On February 9th we opened our doors to the United Kingdom! Ok ok so your probably telling yourself, this Blog doesn’t interest me, I’m not from the UK, don’t know anyone from the UK, never been to the UK….Well don’t be so quick to move on! Wait…there’s more…I promise!

This is why I am so obsessed and passionate about what I do, this is the beauty of social media. I only have a great Aunt somewhere in the town of Bristol who I’ve only ever met a few times. But since this announcement I find myself quickly making amazing new friends in Manchester, London and some surrounding areas (which I need to start mapping out!) This launch has not only created opportunity to grow my business, it’s opened doors to a whole other Country where I get to help them share the love for these incredible products that are unlike anything on the market. I absolutely LOVE when someone answers me back with “no I’ve never heard of Monat” Eeeeek!!! I get butterflies!!! And now with this new launch, I am getting butterflies on a daily bases, multiple times a day LOL. 23380147_505752846456541_5494825146508271595_n

The opportunity in the UK as in joining now and becoming a Founder in our company can be life changing, but not just for them, it can be for you also if you were ever considering this could be a way to pay some bills that have been piling up? I’ve witnessed what it can do because my sister was one of the first to join Monat when we opened our doors to Canada. She is now a top income earner, 7 figures to be exact. And your probably wondering why her sister? Where was I when all this excitement was happening?! I was pregnant for my first baby and built a nice little bubble around me and my pregnancy, not letting any business, money or shampoo interfere LOL. But as most mom’s when that maternity leave is coming to an end and the anxiety of leaving your little one starts to kick in, opportunities were exactly what I was longing for. I know it may sound cliche that Monat has given me the freedom to stay home with my son blah blah blah, but let’s get real! He’s a busy toddler now, he doesn’t nap for hours at a time, heck I am lucky if I get 1 solid hour of ME time, to let me write this blog!zayden-color.jpg I am sure most of you can relate. So a part time nanny works well for our family, he get’s quality play time and I get a clean house, it’s a win win. They say “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people wont, so you can live the rest of your life like most people can’t” When I look at his face I remind myself that everything I do is to better myself, better my family, and better my business. I no longer let my guilty conscience get the best of me when I play him another episode of Dora. I like to think that one day he will say “Thanks Mom”.


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