For The Not too Oily..Not too Dry..I need Volume..Yes I color it..Yes I curl it…..


The title of today’s Blog may not be as catchy as others but the topic is definitely one I am sure can relate. It applies to more than 50% of my clients, including myself. We’re talking about the kind of hair that doesn’t fall into the “Fine, Limp, needing Volume” category or the “Dry, Frizzy, needing Hydration” category. I am talking about the kind of hair that requires some serious HELP. Monat does a superb job in breaking down their products into “Treatment Systems” but what happens when you feel like your needing a little bit of EVERYTHING? Of course you could just become a product junkie like myself and alternate between just about every product Monat has to offer lol. Or better yet, let’s mix you a cocktail, something sweet, lightly scented, that addresses the oily roots, but gives love to those dry ends, and lets not forget the cherry on top with a little heat protection. Ok lets get back on track with hair because I am starting to get thirsty lol.

I love mix and matching our product line to make a specialized system for each of my clients, and no that doesn’t mean you have to spend more because Monat allows for a mix & match discount to kick in when we start choosing individual products. If you have a super oily root and find yourself washing it every day, like myself, I use the Monat Black shampoo on the scalp only, once a week as my clarifying to remove oil buildup and give me that squeaky clean feel, the other 1-2 days that I wash it I use the Renew shampoo, this is our most hydrating shampoo but with the natural oils it contains it actually helps to balance the natural oils my body is producing, providing more of a balance, it’s also our most gentle shampoo and will keep your color lasting longer and staying bright. With my ombre, the ends are super dry as they get the most color, so I like to use the deep smoothing conditioner to help eliminate frizz and smooth my hair without weighing it down. I talk a lot about the smoothing line in my Blog’s because it’s an absolute favorite of mine, it gives a very similar effect to a Keratin treatment without the animal proteins. I will also apply 2 pumps of the restore leave-in conditioner on my ends for added hydration and repair.

Yes I know, I just recommend two shampoos and two conditioners and now I need to pair it with a styling product or two because I think it’s safe to say we all blow dry, or curl or straighten or all of the above! If your doing these on a daily basis that’s a lot of heat on the hair. 1. Be sure your styling tools are in excellent working condition, if your getting any sort of smell from any of them it’s time to throw them out, you don’t want to be doing any more harm to your hair. 2. I use Monat’s Blowout cream, this is our heat protect-ant but without silicone’s, so turn the heat down!

Getting back to the list of products I recommended, if you have been nodding your head yes as you were reading then this combination is probably your struggle as it is so many of my clients.  By alternating between the two shampoos, and using two conditioners, it may sound like a lot but you actually get about 4 months out of a Monat shampoo, and if your not washing your hair daily (which you shouldn’t be anyway), and your alternating between the two,  you can expect to place an order every 10 months! If someone told me two bottle of shampoo was going to last me 10 months I would think you were out to lunch! But with the level of concentration in our products, the time frame is real…And the results will blow your mind, not your wallet.

Send me a message with your hair struggles and I can help make you your own Monat cocktai!      

2 thoughts on “For The Not too Oily..Not too Dry..I need Volume..Yes I color it..Yes I curl it…..

  1. Anouska Taylor-Devlin says:

    My hair is coloured so can be quite dry at the ends and quite fine as I had extensions ( nightmare) it made my hair really thin when I had them removed.
    I can go for 3 days without washing .

    • amber Alnach says:

      Thank you for your response Anouska! Our new R3 system would be your new best friend. It’s the renew shampoo (gentle on color treated hair and provides hydration to the hair and scalp) with the restore leave in conditioner from our Hydration line. This system is paired with our Rejuvabeads. This is our instant split end mender that seals micro damage and breakage from root to tip, Monat’s exclusive patent pending formula allows you to seal those ends rather than cutting them!

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