I Just Can’t Get Enough

sister1.JPGThis past weekend we had an amazing Flash Sale, it was over 70% off, we had 2 exclusive systems, the sales volume was double and clients were lining up online! But that’s not the topic of today’s Blog. Over this past weekend I really got to see my team shine. The beauty of an MLM is that everyone wins, when your team is growing, your advancing. Over the weekend hubby and I (yes he’s obsessed with my shampoo empire as much as I am) we wrote out my teams on our giant whiteboard to track their growth, which has since replaced a beautiful family picture in the living room, but it helps me focus and stare at the growth of my business every time I walk passed it.

I just can’t get enough of this business. The products are like no other, I have helped thousands and thousands with their hair troubles. But over these past few months as my business is booming I am now seeing the financial impact it’s having on my team. This weekend with teamwork, dedication and focus, I was able to triple rank two of my rock stars, double rank one of the news gals on our team, and nearly double the size of our ever growing family. 2 of my girls qualified for an all inclusive trip to Bahamas this Fall and being the one to share that news with them really touched my soul.bahamas-news.jpg

I have always been passionate about helping people and I’ve been able to do that through our products. But helping Sherry pay her bills, give Becca financial security as her workplace announces layoffs, put Beth’s girls through cheer leading camp, and as this list expands I find my drive and need for helping people being fulfilled.

Don’t get me wrong this business is not for everyone! There is no alarm clock in Direct Sales, except maybe your toddler at 6AM lol. But if your struggling to get through the work week while your little ones are at daycare, or your finding it tough to replace that broken down car, there is a way out. Today’s Blog is not to try and recruit you, that’s not what I’m about. But to open your mind to the possibilities whether its through hair care or something else that you love, with today’s technology and the power of social media, there is no reason or excuse to have to struggle, opportunities are everyone. And I am beyond grateful & lucky to have found mine.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”

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