Taming that Florida Frizz!

me and zThe sunny beach days and bike rides I can’t seem to get enough of. We’re so lucky to have the freedom and flexibility to spend another month in Florida and out of those cold Canadian storms! Brrr!!

But my hair was a whole other issue, luckily I’m a Monat hoarder and have literally every product in my bathroom lol. But for my trip, I decided to bring along something different, the deep smoothing shampoo & conditioner. I normally alternate between the renew shampoo for my dryness and the black shampoo to keep my blonde bright. But my last trip to Florida I was a frizz ball lol.smoothing Since we launched the deep smoothing shampoo last month as a new permanent product,  I’ve been getting tons of positive feedback, especially for eliminating frizz. With the high levels of humidity here in Florida I thought what a better time to give it a go! Well let me tell you…My hair has been silky, shiny and far from frizzy! I could curl my hair and sleep on it and literally wake up the next day and be good to go! This combo has quickly become my new fav, especially paired with my must have blow out cream to give me the texture and help hold my curl.

I know it may seem like every product is my favorite, but I truly love what Monat has to offer in their product line, they really do have something for every hair type. No mater  where I travel to, I can be confident of having no more bad hair days! Do you have a favorite Monat product or system? I would love to here from you, comment below!

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