Missed Another Storm!

Zayden (my 22 month old) and I got out just in time…It was cold before we left, but the 30 cm of snow was about to hit Calgary on our day of departure. Luckily we were already in the sunny Florida skies when it started to come down.


But we were up for a whole different kind of storm. Yup this Mama got sick…I wish moms had a super power that prevented us from being out of commission lol! I had a marketing event in less than 24 hours to help launch a new Market Partner the joined my team, which was a little hard to do without a voice! On the day of the event my voice was completely gone. But of course in Network Marketing and being self-employed, the show must go on.

The event was a huge success, being in Florida (the home where Monat was born) I am also surprised and excited to learn just how many people still haven’t heard of our incredible products. Our booth was lining up quickly with both men & women to see and hear what the “Healthy Hair Revolution” was all about. Needless to say, our event was a huge success. Even welcomed a Barber Shop from Sarasota to the team!


It’s been 2 days in sunny Florida, with no voice and a hacking cough…. Then Zayden runs a fever. We were running from the snow and all the snotty nosed kids in cold Canada, but I guess there’s no escaping the winter flu bug. Thank you Monat for having the best Dry Shampoo ever, this mama had no energy to keep up her blowout.


Day 4 rolls around and we’re both on the mend, time for a beach day! This quickly becomes a day of prospecting. The beach is a great place to meet new people, and with the humidity in Florida I love talking to almost every woman here about our deep smoothing line! If you have ever done an animal Keratin treatment for that silky smooth look, our deep smoothing shampoo and conditioner has that effect, but it’s Vegan. Helping to eliminate frizz without weighing down the hair, Monat’s smoothing line has quickly become a Florida girl’s best friend!

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