Who’s The Boss???


My day may not start out in the office with a fresh cup of coffee, quietly checking emails and preparing for the day while sneaking in a lunch date with my girlfriends. Then noticing the clock is slowly getting closer to 5, and wondering what shall I make for supper and will it be quick enough between hoping the train and grabbing my little guy from daycare.

Instead-sure I grab a coffee, but is it hot and fresh? Probably not…I will most likely sip on it when I can, between diaper changes, throwing the clothes in the wash, picking up that toy I just stepped on and cursed from the inside of course! Throw on a show for 30 min (because I don’t want him to have anymore screen time than that) but it allows me to catch up with clients, answer questions, work on some posts, go live on my team page, oh and decide what I will have for lunch with my date (my 22 month old). Finally nap time rolls around and this is my 2 hour grind session! Work on my Blog! Answer to more clients! Place a few orders! Oh wait, Flash Sale…time to reach out to EVERYONE! Check in on my  every growing team! Have a training session! Post! Post! Post!

This is the day and life of a Mompreneur , a Network Marketing Professional, a Work at Home Mom, I am sure many of you can relate. Although my days can be stressful trying to juggle it all, trying to give my son the best while growing our business to provide for the whole family with hopes to retire my husband one day. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After five long years of struggling with fertility, and finally taking the path of IVF, our little miracle is quickly becoming a toddler and growing before our eyes. To have the opportunity to work from home and be there for each and every moment is something I will be forever grateful for. I know I am not the only one, with over 60MM people choosing direct sells and network marketing as their profession, working anywhere, anytime has become a Thing of the New Era…And I’m loving it.

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