MONAT saves your hair and your money

I often see comments on my fan page “I would love these results…but can’t afford it” or clients reach out hoping for a sale, that the products are just too pricy.

I don’t want to sound biased because of my love for Monat, my bathroom was stocked with my favorite “must haves” before Monat and trust me when I tell you, I didn’t just give those up overnight! But regardless of the cost, the ingredients and benefits Monat offered, was far more appealing to me than the cost. Since we are on par with Salon products, most clients don’t question the cost at all. But I don’t love what I do to help “most clients”, I love what I do because I can help “all clients”. So I felt it was important to offer a comparison chart in my blog, for my information seekers out there!

Monat comparison

Monat is so highly concentrated, many clients get closer to 6 months with just a bottle of shampoo! When I did this breakdown I was astonished by the final numbers and was eager to share with all of you!


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    • amber Alnach says:

      Hi Veronica, since you have expressed interest in our products, I wanted to let you know of our sale going on this weekend! New and existing VIPs can receive a conditioner for only $20 with the purchase of a shampoo. OR you can receive 2 conditioners for $32 with the purchase of any 2 shampoos. Andy receive free shipping! This is a great way to mix and match to try some different products! If you would like more info please feel free to reach out.

  1. Amber says:

    We have no autoship, I normally manage my clients VIP accounts so clients just reach out when they would like to order more products. I would also reach out when we have Flash sales as you would have exclusive access to those as well.

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