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Have you been longing to have thick luscious locks? Are you tired of seeing all your hair go down the drain? I hear it on a daily basis on my FB fan page; “I am growing out my hair” “I want more length” “What can you recommend to grow my hair” “My hair is thinning by the day” and so on… What people often forget is that growth starts from the scalp. If you are not providing adequate nutrients to the scalp how can the hair grow at its healthiest state? Most of us have tons of build-up on our scalps from products, sulfates, colors, and so much more.

The Let It Grow Treatment System is a simple 2 step system that is designed to plant the seed for long healthy locks, at the root. It’s a simple cleansing shampoo with twice the active ingredients (CAPIXYL™ and PROCATALINE™) which I talk in more depth about in my previous Blog. This shampoo is paired with an Intense Repair Treatment Spray to apply directly on the scalp and really target those thinning or even balding areas.

I have many clients suffering from Alopecia, PCOS, or have lost their hair through Chemotherapy and have been seeing incredible new growth, hair is coming in thicker, healthier and the overall texture has improved drastically. The Let It Grow System is a 90 day treatment system for best results, but with that being said, many of my clients are seeing lots of baby hair and new growth in just weeks!

Because this specific system is a shampoo and treatment spray I often pair it with our restore leave in conditioner for added hydration and tangles.

Are you thinking the Let It Grow System might be just what your hair needs? Please reach out to me so we can chat more, I specialize in pairing clients with the best products to give you the best results while using MONAT.

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6 thoughts on “MONAT gets your hair growing again

    • amber Alnach says:

      Hi Veronica! The let it grow system can be purchased Retail for $99.00US or as a VIP for $84.00US. I have explained the difference between these two purchase options and the perks of being a VIP in my latest Blog.
      If you would like any advise on your hair or need any recommendations please feel free to message me via email or Facebook messenger.

    • Amber says:

      Yes as a VIP you will receive 15% off, free shipping and a free air dry cream ($25 value)

      I can either set it up for you which is what I normally do, you can message me through Facebook messenger by going to my Facebook fan page.

      Alternatively, you can set yourself up simply at my website: and choose “become a VIP”

      I look forward to your Monat experience!


    • amber Alnach says:

      Hi Veronica, we are having a flash sale at the moment, with the purchase of any shampoo you can add a conditioner for only $15, and free shipping for new VIPs. If you would like more info please feel free to reach out.

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